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Monthly Archives: February 2020

  1. Sweet Treats
    Sweet Treats
    Pancake Day is probably the only day where it’s acceptable to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Whether you prefer American style or crepes, sweet or savoury, we have some fabulous pieces to sweeten up the dinner table!  
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  2. 2020 Trend: Geometric Style
    2020 Trend: Geometric Style
    The geometric trend makes a return for 2020. This timeless trend combines prints, patterns and shapes to suit all tastes and interior spaces. We’ve taken a look through our collections and put together some of our favourite geometric i
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  3. 2020 Trend: Social Spaces
    2020 Trend: Social Spaces
    2020 is all about creating social spaces within your own home. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, having drinks with friends or just looking to create a cosy and comfortable area that's perfect for catching up on the latest gossip, it’s time to get social! We’ve pic
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  4. Something Different This Valentine's Day
    Something Different This Valentine's Day
    This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box… Instead of the usual red Roses, teddy bears and chocolates, why not opt for something a little different? We’ve put together a list Culinary items that would make fantastic presents for y
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