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Monthly Archives: November 2019

  1. Light Up Christmas
    Light Up Christmas
    Create a cosy atmosphere in your home this Christmas by swapping harsh ceiling and wall lighting for the soft glow of candlelight or warm white LEDs. With an amazing selection of unique and wonderful lanterns and candle holders available on our website, you’re guaranteed t
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  2. Festive Accessories
    Festive Accessories
    We all know that the tree is the star of the show at Christmas, but sometimes your space might not allow room for a tree or you may want to spread your festive decorations around the home. In which case, we’ve got plenty of fabulous seasonal decorative accessories to fill your home this Winter season.
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  3. Deck The Halls
    Deck The Halls
    This year we’ve added more beautiful baubles and hanging decorations to our ever-growing collections. From oversized beaded stars and hearts, to sparkling cut-glass crystal chains, we’ve got pieces for all
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