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Our Gift Lists aren’t just for weddings! No matter what the occasion, a Culinary Concepts Gift List is the perfect way to let your family and loved ones know exactly what you'd like.

It could be for your birthday, Christmas or any special date. Perhaps you've just moved into your new home or maybe you're redecorating the one you're in? Whatever it's for, you can be sure to find an abundance of ideas and beautiful home and lifestyle accessories all at the touch of a button.

To start setting your list up online, simply click here. You will be asked to follow a simple and very quick process to create an account before you start your list. Then simply select the occasion, fill in a few more details about your list and choose whether your list is open for 'Public View' or 'Private View'. If you select 'Private View', when your list is saved it will be assigned a Gift List ID. When sharing your list with friends and family, please give them this Gift List ID so they can access your list when searching for it on our website.

The next bit is the best bit - get shopping! All of our products throughout our website have a white “Add To Gift List” button - simply click this on the items you would like on your list and they will be added. Within 'My Gift List' in your account you will be able to prioritise gifts you’d really love, add notes and edit your list. When you’re happy with everything on there, simply hit save and it will become searchable upon our website. Don’t worry though - even after you publish your list, you can go back and amend it at any time. Within 'My Gift List' you can also share your list with your friends and family via email and social media, plus you can keep track of what has been purchased from your list.

If you want to set up lists for more than one occasion too - go right ahead. When you click the ‘Add To Gift List’ Button it will ask you to specify which list you’d like to add the item too. Simple!

Follow the links before for further information:

Create a Gift List
Manage a Gift List
Find or buy from a Gift List

If you require any more information or help with creating your Gift List, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on 01252 852305.