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Monthly Archives: December 2018

  1. Christmas Hanging Decorations 2018 Top Picks
    Christmas Hanging Decorations 2018 Top Picks
    Nothing evokes that festive feeling like decorating the Christmas tree. In the midst of the winter months, the fresh evergreen smell and twinkle of fairy lights are a welcome reminder that Christmas is nearly here! Our new range of hanging Christmas decorations and baubles embrace classic Christmas charm,
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  2. Style the Season Winter Edition
    Style the Season Winter Edition
    Winter can be a magical time and we love everything that comes with the season from glittering frost and snow storms to wooly hats and hot drinks by the fire. The dark evenings may not be everyone's favourite but they definitely give you more time to enjoy your home and relax - and we think this can
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  3. Enchanting Christmas Lighting
    Enchanting Christmas Lighting
    Nothing adds more magic to your festive decor than the twinkle of fairy lights and our dazzling array of festive lighting is set to enchant your home this Christmas. Available in a range of designs, our LED light shapes are the perfect way to illuminate your winter evenings. Whether you’re curling
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  4. Style the Season Festive Edition
    Style the Season Festive Edition
    December is finally here! Which means the Christmas celebrations can start in full force. In this special festive style the season edition we have selected our favourite pieces that will bring plenty of Christmas charm to your home this year. Frosty Winter Accents…
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