In this behind the scenes, we’re taking you on a coastal inspired journey…

Heading up this shoot was our Creative Director James, Stylist Becky and Photographer Matt.


With the opportunity to shoot onsite at Culinary HQ, we were able to be as creative as possible with this seashore inspired shoot. Our stylist Becky was able to transform one of our barns, right here on Lodge Farm, with a vast and wide range of backdrops and coastal inspired props.
Each shot had been meticulously thought out in terms of mood, backgrounds and props to create a vision of how you can display these beautiful pieces in your own home.


With a coastal inspired collection, it was only suitable to curate a coastal atmosphere and build the excitement for the coming Summer months.
Using a range of light and earthy backgrounds contrasted with the dark, saturated wood, shows how our unique products stand out, no matter what the setting. Light tones that lead to thoughts of sunbathing by the sea with a cocktail in hand, or darker tones that feel like sitting inside by the warm fire with gusty winds outside. 


With lockdown restrictions being relaxed, we are all jumping at the chance to throw dinner parties and see our friends and family again. We had to make a statement with our classic coastal inspired serving bowls, trays and wine coolers - the perfect centerpieces for any dinner party, summer BBQ or afternoon tea.The use of the blue and green textured backgrounds allowed us to mimic that stormy sea-like vibe – making the products seem like they’re treasures from the bottom of the sea!

Mermaid Two Tier Cake StandOctopus & Shell Server 


Having a glass or two? We’re not one to judge and we’ve got you covered! When it came to styling and shooting our barware lines, the right drink was everything.

Our vast range of wine coolers and ice buckets are fit for any occasion and when paired with beautiful glassware, are sure to start up a conversation at any dinner party and add that extra sparkle into your cocktail.

Set of Four Wine Glasses - AzureGold Mermaid Punch Bowl


What else do you include in a shoot inspired by the sea other than seafood! Setting up these shots were really exciting, with coolers full of Oysters, Lobsters and other fruits of the sea!

Becky, our stylist paired the appropriate drinks alongside each shot to add further depth and contrast, which really set the tone and feeling – a dinner party anyone could see themselves having.
Our Four Section Server Octopus Plate, is the perfect choice for those who like a bit of variety – whether you’re serving for many or even just yourself! Use it to really make a statement in your home whilst entertaining. 

Four Section Server Octopus Plate


Whether you’re looking for something big or small, our collection of candle holders and lanterns have you covered. Set the mood by dining with the flicker of candles in the background.
Our collection of Hurricane Lanterns will add a touch of brightness and Summer atmosphere to your home now we’re approaching the hotter months.

If you’re not wanting to make such a big statement, our smaller coastal inspired tea light holders look wonderful dotted around the home for that added seashore charm all year round.

Starfish Tea Light HolderStarfish Hurricane Lantern

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