Summer may be coming to an end but we have the glorious August bank holiday to enjoy! Another summer has passed by in a flash and although you may have that familiar feeling to make the most of this last long summer weekend, don’t feel compelled to plan every minute of your bank holiday weekend. Why not use it to take a breather from all your summer social events? Here is some bank holiday inspiration for your weekend.

Remember, just because you have time off that doesn't mean that you have to be busy! Use this time to relax and take a well-deserved break! Recharge your batteries: have a bath, light some candles and put some music on! Similarly, make the most of the long balmy summer evenings outside. Create a cosy outdoor space on your patio or garden by placing some candlelit lanterns by some garden sofas with fairy lights hanging above you. Add some faux fur blankets and a wood burner for when the night gets a bit chilly! If you don’t even want to leave the sofa, pre-prepare a charcuterie board and serve with freshly baked bread. More importantly, have a champagne bath filled with ice and your favourite rosé so that you can sink into the sofa and not lift a finger all night!

Unwind outside with a glass of wine and a book. Many people feel guilty for reading but a bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself a whole day to decompress with a great book. Reading has many benefits and is proven to reduce stress as well as lowers blood pressure and heart rate, so maybe think twice before you pick up your phone to scroll aimlessly for hours!

The end of summer might mean for a lot of families that people are more absent from home. Whether that be moving to Uni, going back to school or going back to work. The long weekend is a great chance to have some special family time. Since the pandemic, people all over the country have tried to squeeze in all the parties, weddings, events and holidays that they missed out on into this summer, without really taking any downtime. Why not sit the whole family down for a leisurely family brunch, taking time to eat, drink and chat. If you feel like it, put on a glorious spread of American style pancakes, poached eggs, toast, jams, honeys, pastries- whatever takes your fancy!

Alternatively, if you feel like you are in desperate need of catching up with friends and need to let off some steam one last time this summer, why not host for friends that you haven't seen in ages. Have fun setting the table with candles, tea light holders and gorgeous flower arrangements. If you've got something to celebrate, make the most of it; drink that champagne in style! Try your hand at some cocktails for your guests to make it extra special. If you are stuck for what cocktail to make see our ‘Celebrating National Prosecco Day’ blog for some bank holiday inspiration.