Nothing puts you in the Christmas mood more than decorating the tree. So put on your favourite Christmas songs, crack open the mince pies and give your Christmas tree the TLC it deserves this year! Follow our 6 easy steps for a beautifully festive tree...


1. Pick the best tree for your home

Once you’ve picked the right spot, it’s time to measure the space. You don’t want to pick a tree at random and just hope for the best, this will only end in tears! If your designated tree space is on the smaller side, do not worry. There are loads of space saving options such as; flat back trees, or cordner trees. You can even join in the amazing new trend with an upside-down tree!

2. Arrange the branches

Now you have the perfect tree and you're all excited to get decorating. But before you start, don't miss this crucial step, especially if you are using a fake tree. Make the tree look its best by separating the branches so it looks full, lively and festive!

3. Decide your colour theme.

A great tree takes a little bit of planning, picking a colour scheme is the first step. Beware of being too matching as this can be a bit boring, instead be flexible with your colours. We recommend mixing soft tones of silver and gold for a warm contemporary look. To create interest use lots of contrasting textures such as; smooth, shiney, glittery, matt and beaded.

4. Always start from the top!

When arranging your lights always start from the top of the tree and wind your way down to the bottom. Take time over this important step, the lights are what make your tree magical and brings your well chosen decorations to life. Again, start from the top when adding garlands and ribbons, as you move down the tree make the spacing and roughed effect bigger.

5. Think about your placement

So now you get to unwrap all your new baubles and get creative! Start with a layer of your simplest baubles spread evenly over the tree. Make sure to hang some of the baubles a bit further into the branches as well as on the ends to create depth. Then start adding your statement pieces in even spaces across the tree. Also space the different textures and colour evenly for a ‘put together’ look.

6. Pick an amazing topper

For the final flourish pick a show stopping topper! Sometimes simplicity can make the most impact, because it will contrast with the busyness of the tree. Once your topper has taken pride of place it’s time for a mince pie and a sherry, decorating a christmas tree is hard work afterall!

At Culinary Concepts we have a fantastic range of hanging decorations that are great for easy mixing and matching. With plenty of different textures, and all designed around the same colour theme you can't go wrong! For a bold tree topper we would recommend our Jingle beads Hanging Star Decoration. Lean against the top most branch for a contemporary alternative to the traditional topper that sits on top of the tree.

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