As the leaves turn, temperatures drop and the highly popular show The Great British Bake Off returns, the annual influx of baking inspiration has arrived, sweeping across the nation and warming the ovens of households alike.
Here at Culinary we also love baking and in my opinion, there are very few things better than spending a blustery autumn day filling the house with the tantalising smell of baked goods, and then (the best bit) getting to share and enjoy them with family and friends, a cup of tea and a good book or film!
With that in mind, we have compiled a selection of some of our favourite picks of baking accessories to bring an extra sprinkle of pizzazz to your creations

Whether you are a master of decoration or, like me go for a more ‘rustic’ look to your bakes (after all it’s mostly about the taste, right?!) every bake is beautiful and deserves to be showcased and shown off to tempt the hands of fellow sweet toothers accordingly!

Our cake stands are perfect for this, the wonderfully crafted silver beading of our Beaded Edge Cake Stand adds a touch of elegance, or create a lifted centrepiece with our Glass Cake Plate, both boasting sophisticated glass domes which allow for your goodies to be kept in best condition with no compromise in the display of your masterpiece!

Both available to buy on our website;
Beaded Edge Cake Stand 
Glass Plate Cake Stand

Our versatile Three Tiered Regency Cake Stand is ideal for presenting an array of smaller treats, from cupcakes and cookies to savoury snacks, it is also an excellent cream tea stand to make your afternoon delights even more special. 

Find it here on our website.

Serving the perfect slice can be a difficult feat (especially the first piece!) but luckily, we are here to help make your life better! So, I present to you not just our Polished Knot Cake Server, created to ensure your slice meets the place in one piece, but in a double whammy of serving excellence, our Amore Cake Server and Knife Set is here to make your life a piece of cake (if you don’t mind the pun!) and bring another element of style and a bit of extra love into your serving

Available to purchase on our website:       

Polished Knot Cake Server 

Amore Set

Who said that only the final product should get special treatment? Certainly not us! Give your ingredients a bit of éclat and make the baking just as special as the finished dish! Our Bake Off Egg Holders are just the thing to add some more fun into your kitchen and keep your eggs at the ready for your next culinary adventure! 

Choose between a six or twelve egg holder available on our website:
6 Egg Bake Off Egg Holder
12 Egg Bake Off Egg Holder

Finding the perfect recipe is always a great moment in anyone’s cooking journey and can even last a lifetime, so making sure there is a quick and easy way to find it is essential, never lose a recipe again with our nifty Bake Off Bookmarks!

So, with new found or rejuvenated inspiration for all things baked and a little added extra from us of 15% off our top baking picks by using the checkout code GBBF15, go forth and mix, roll, bake and slice to your heart’s content!