With Summer finally here, now is the perfect time to get your home ready with our fabulous new Summer collections...

Flamingo Collection

In 1950s America, the stylised pink flamingo became an icon. Adorning front lawns, the flamingo is known for being a symbol of kitsch. Move forward almost 70 years and the flamingo remains a prominent design icon.

We’ve taken this decorative bird and created an ornate collection of lamps and tables. By crafting these pieces in gold or silver finishes, the flamingo takes a step away from its bright pink counterpart and becomes a stylish and eye-catching accessory.

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'Flamingos' wallpaper available from Wallpaper Direct

  Palm Collection

Botanicals remain prominent amongst interior trends and we don’t think they will be going anywhere soon.

With subtle Art Deco influences, the tropical palm continues to be a favourite, working within most interior spaces and remaining fresh all year round.

The pieces from our Palm Collection could’ve been taken straight from Jay Gatbsy’s mansion, the gold finishes echoing the ornate designs of the 1920s.

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'Hollywood Palm' wallpaper available from Cole & Son

Pineapple Collection

An icon of tropical summer days, the Pineapple has been popular for hundreds of years. Originally discovered by Christopher Columbus whilst in the Caribbean and bought back to Europe, the fruit was so rare it literally was the fruit of royalty.

It seems that this tropical fruit continues to be loved by all, including us here at Culinary! We’ve given this retro classic a luxe twist with polished silver finishes.

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'Palm Jungle' wallpaper available from Cole & Son