Autumn is here and we love how the greens all around us are changing to vivid coppers, reds and oranges - it’s such a beautiful season! With the sunshine of summer gradually fading away we will all be spending more time indoors in the comfort of our own homes and so we think this is a great time to give your decor a bit of a refresh. Plus, if you fill your home with personality and style you won’t even notice the what the weather is doing outside! Giving your home an update for the autumn months can feel really reinvigorating and is a great way to prepare for the busy festive season and so we’ve put together our top picks to help you make the most of this season.

A quick way to create a relaxed ambience in your living spaces is to add some tea lights. Our crown shaped tea light holders have a unique design that will add regal hints to your decor. To create a stunning feature we have paired a small and large crown tealight together but they look equally beautiful on their own or mixed with other styles of tea light holders. Placing your tea light holders on a decorative plate or tray is also a great way to present them and introduce some creativity into your home.

If you have autumn dinner parties planned, this gorgeous octopus shaped bottle stand is sure to add some pizzazz to your table set up. Inspired by the flowing, captivating shape of the octopus, this design will bring creativity to your dining table. Perfect for displaying your prized vintage, we love how the artfully curling tentacles wrap around to support the bottle. This piece is sure to attract plenty of compliments and is fast becoming one of our best sellers.

It’s often the small touches that make all the difference, your home might just need one of our beaded hearts to bring a hint of love into your decor and add cosy personality. These textile, padded and lavishly beaded hearts have both a classic homely look and a luxurious quality feel. Hang from your window sill, door handles or kitchen cupboards to balance your decor with textured, shimmering accents.

Now Autumn is here you will need a good place to cosy up and relax. Our varied collections of Chairs combine style and comfort perfectly. Our Romeo Velvet Orange Chair has to be a top pick for this season with its rusty orange colour reminiscent of Autumn leaves. This beautiful chair is great for snuggling into with its plush velvet material, for extra comfort add the matching footstool and put your feet up! Why not inject some striking style to any room in your home with our Chelsea Tulip Velvet Silver Grey Chair. Inspired by Art Deco design, this chair has a stunning fluted back that combines soft floral style with contemporary chic simplicity.

Create an Insta worthy feature in your home with a well-placed floor lantern. A lovely polished silver lantern is a great way to add ambience to your decor and to reflect the flickering candlelight around the room. The ultimate accessory for the chillier seasons, free-standing lanterns are so on-trend at the moment and definitely bring a touch of luxury to any room whether it be your living space or even your bathroom. You can simply add a candle to create a stunning feature, or for a more styled look arrange our lanterns in groups of different sizes.

Add ice to our luxurious Stag Cooler and enjoy how the insulated design keeps your favourite tipple chilled to perfection. We think this cooler will make the perfect centrepiece to any party you are planning this Autumn. Created to celebrate the majestic beauty of the stag, we love the symmetrical design and how it plays on the classic decorative bowl shape. Adding a sense of occasion to the dining table, this piece will make your Autumn dining experience so much more special and memorable.

Add a little Culinary Concepts style to your home this Autumn and make sure you get an amazing picture to share with us on social media with the hashtag #culinaryconcepts.