Christmas is definitely the time to let loose and enjoy yourself. Whether you're appreciating a warming drink of whisky by the fire, or entertaining a room full of guests, we have a stunning selection of barware that is perfect for the Christmas season.

Our gorgeous Stag Punch Bowl will make the perfect centerpiece for your party. With the beautifully crafted stag head and majestic antlers this piece is sure to draw your guests attention. The large bowl will hold enough punch to last the whole night, and when filled with ice it makes a fantastic wine cooler. Adding whimsy and magic to your decorations this stag piece, in silver, will complement any christmas decorations you already have. During the day you can accessories this piece with holly or baubles, and when the new year arrives bringing the end of christmas, you can get creative by filling the bowl with pinecones or your favourite flowers

Toasting Christmas day with friends and family is a well loved tradition. Updating your champagne flutes is a great way to make these special moments more memorable. Our Fluted Champagne Goblets are sure to make an impression, with their ridged detailing they are a homage to art deco. The beautiful silver plated finish not only bestows a decadently festive feel it also keeps your beverage refreshingly cool. Imagine how these flutes will reflect the candle light on your christmas table and add their own warming glow to the decor.

When your guests arrive roll out the drinks on our Lanesborough Drinks Trolley. The classic design, with a beautiful gold finish, will certainly bring a touch of 1920’s glamour to your soiree. Arranging your beverages on this three tiered trolley is a fantastic way to save space on your Christmas table. A great accessory for this drinks trolley is the Palace Large Champagne Bath & Wine Cooler Set. These hammered silver plated coolers complement the timeless design of the Lanesborough trolley. The larger cooler can hold up to 4 bottles of wine allowing you to relax and enjoy the company of your guests, knowing they are catered for.

Well selected accessories can add a welcome touch of Christmas cheer to your festive beverages. Space must be made on the dinner table for a bottle of something tasty, so why not use this space as a decorating opportunity? Our Stag Wine Bottle Holder is the perfect choice for Christmas day, the delicate silver design will add a charming twist to your wine. Paired with our Stag Bottle Stopper your bottle of white or red will be transformed into a fantastically festive centerpiece.

Add a bit of Culinary Concepts glamour to your drinks this Christmas!